İdeal Makina established in 2004 in Istanbul; has become one of the leading companies in the sector with its experience in the field of fluid transfer, gas generators and compressed air applications. With professionel engineering expertise oin applying complementary equipments, systems, knowledge and after-sales service as well as maintenance of products; IDEAL MAKINA has created a remarkable image to the industry.

The company is consisting of 41 experienced engineers and technicians at its central office and workshop. The technical team of 12 person is providing trainees and maintenance planning of equipments to end users besides breakdown as well as maintenance support in order to ensure the continuous and trouble-free operation of the equipment installed.

IDEAL MAKINA has exported its equipments to 33 countries so far by taking over projects not just in Turkey but also abroad. The supplied and exported systems have been delivered to end users by installing them on-site and required start up opeartions completed.

IDEAL MAKINA produces ‘Tailor Made’ solutions to customers in its 1000 m2 closed area in Istanbul.

User friendly products like Nitrogen & Oxygen Generator and Cylinder Filling Containers, Plug & Play Skid Mounted Mobile Gas Generators, Air – Gas Compressor Stations, Chemical Dosing Systems, Polymer Opening Units, Pneumatic Conveying Systems etc. are manufactured in accordance to technical specifications.

Produced with its own design as a result of R&D studies; barrel discharging systems, dosing skids, CATOX nitrogen purification units and UHP high purity (99.5%) oxygen generators are being presented to customers. With its R&D team, which constantly develops itself and seeks for the better, IDEAL MAKINA continues to develop products that offer optimum solutions and offer them to the users.


İdeal Makina müşteri beklenti ve sorunlarına kulak verir, taahhütlerini hızlı ve istenilen şekilde yerine getirir, sorunlara zamanında çözüm üretir. İdeal Makina sunduğu hizmetlerin üstünlüğünün, müşterilerinin taleplerini tahmin etme temeline dayandığına inanır. Hizmet standartlarını her şart altında koruyan İdeal Makina, mutlak tutarlılık sağlar.

Customer satisfaction is the top priority for İdeal Makina!

  • Cares about customer expectations and problems, fulfills commitments quickly as desired and offers quick solutions to problems.
  • Believes that the superiority of the support provided is based on predicting the demands of customers.
  • Provides absolute consistency which maintains its service standards under all conditions.

Acts Ethically!

  • Works in integrity-based cooperation with people around in all areas of business.
  • Ethical business sense is the biggest responsibility of our company and employees.
  • Gives confidence to its customers with frankness, respect and strong team work.

Is Creative and Innovative!

  • This service is required by our customers in project-based, comprehensive applications where more than one product is used together.
  • Likes being among the first to design a feasible solution in the process of uncovering a new service.
  • Continuously looks for new possibilities and solutions to improve existing processes and systems.

Does Not Compromise From The Leadership Goal!

  • Aims to carry its success and reputation from today to tomorrow by keeping up with the globalization process.
  • Adopts to be the leading company in all the sectors it operates.
  • Follows up the opportunities of the future and directs experience to the correct point.

Employees Are IDEAL MAKINA’s Most Valuable Asset!

  • Respects employee rights
  • Fulfills safety and health conditions
  • Believes that employee happiness and motivation are the basis of sustainable success.


Turkey and Europe’s largest PSA Nitrogen Generation Plant and Recovery Unit

Turkey’s first Oxygen Generator providing 99,5% Oxygen gas purity

Turkey’s only 99.9999% Nitrogen (Nitrogen) Gas generating system with low energy consumption

have been realized by IDEAL MAKINA