10 May 2020

Ready To Use After 24 Hours!

TEKSIN CONTAINER company located in Konya City, is a manufacturer for waste containers with high quality. The 30 years old company reached us for a DRY AIR GENERATOR SYSTEM used for their hot dip galvanized production process.

Our IdeaLAir DRY AIR GENERATOR SYSTEM with 18 bar pressure will be used for cutting thin sheets with pressurized air. TEKSIN has 2 pcs. NUKON brand 4 kW Fiber Laser Machines but had unfortunately not enough time to wait for a long delivery and installation period as the production continued uninterryptedly.

So we act fast… We delivered the 18 bar ideaLAir Drye Air Generator System from our stocks immediately to the end users facility accompanied by our IDEAL SERVICE TEAM Technicians.

With a 24 hour non-stop installation by our technicians; the customer was able to consume the required pressurized air for the lasers soon.

An oilfree and with low dew point produced clean air; TEKSIN CONTAINER company was thankful at the end of the late night.

We thank as well to be their supplier with our ideaLAir OILFREE DRY AIR GENERATOR SYSTEM.