05 November 2019

Ideal Makina Delivered 12 Nitrogen Generators At Once!

Continuing to reduce the Nitrogen gas costs of many facilities in and out of Turkey seriously; IDEAL MAKINA is keeping going on to supply its customer with new orders from Turkey and other countries.

The production of 12 Nitrogen Generators with different Nitrogen gas production capacities have been completed in Germany the previous week and have been loaded to be delivered to their owners.

In this way; IDEAL MAKINA managed to let 12 pieces of Nitrogen Generators be loaded at once and delivered these to customers in and out of Turkey on time as promised!

Besides this; ‘Special Design Nitrogen Generators’ have also been hand over to end users for the first With this; IDEAL MAKINA; giving value to innovation, has started to supply facilities with different colour variation.

Reaching new industries; new users and new destinations and supplying them with IDEAL MAKINA NITROGEN GENERATOR SYSTEMS in order to reduce the gas supplying costs of facilities is the main purpose. With this in mind; IDEAL MAKINA; leading company in its market with 390 already installed systems, is continuing to serve companies with its ‘on-site production’ solution to Nitrogen gas consumers with high purchasing costs.

If you want to have a system with short return of investment time; more affordable, easy to use or creative designed IDEAL MAKINA NITROGEN GENERATOR SYSTEMS; reach us over info@idealmakina.com!

Wishing you an IDEAL day!