20 January 2020

IDEAL MAKINA 2019-2020 General Evaluation Meeting was Held!

ANNUAL GENERAL EVALUATION meeting was held at Radisson Blu Ataşehir on 18.01.2020 in order to evaluate the activities of IDEAL MAKINA 2019 and to discuss what they can do together for the goals of 2020. In addition to the 2019 results; Suggestions and opinions were evaluated to make the year 2020 more successful.

The meeting was attended by the members of IDEAL MAKINA Board of Directors, Industrial Gas & Industrial Pump Departments, as well as Sales Teams, Project, Procurement, Accounting & Finance, Administrative Affairs, Logistics and Marketing Departments.

After the opening speeches and presentations, commercial and social relations were discussed with IDEAL MAKINA customers and suppliers.

Thanks to all IDEAL MAKINA members attending the meeting; We wish you a successful 2020 year.