22 January 2018

IDEAL MAKINA continues to add new countries to its export network without stopping.

This time Malaysia…

In all over 295 units installed and running smoothly in Turkey and abroad who Nitrogen & Oxygen Generator System Ideal Machines, the 10.5 hour flight from Istanbul to Malaysia NITROGEN GENERATOR SYSTEM founded.

A university in Malaysia that has Nitrogen consumption in its laboratories, in the study of microorganisms; Reached İdeal Makina regarding Nitrogen Generator System.

Previously, the nitrogen requirement of the university, which supplied nitrogen gas with tubes of 40 liters, increased day by day and they decided to research a Nitrogen Gas generator System.

As a result of the feasibility studies conducted considering the amount of gas consumed, it is concluded that a nitrogen generator system to be installed at the university will be more economical for them.

The University decided on the Nitrogen Generator system capable of filling 5-6 40-liter Nitrogen cylinders a day. The university, which can fill 5-6 40 liter volumes of Nitrogen bottles per day with a flow rate of 1.3 Nm3 / hour at 99.999% purity, has a system.

The entire system is the complete system established by 2 Ideal Service technicians in 2 days; When commissioned, it was tested by technicians for pressure and purity.