05 January 2018

Ideal Dry Air Generator System of IDEAL MAKINA, cutting with a more economical and high quality air and is especially preferred by the Laser Cutting Industry; For the first time, it was sent to a company that cuts a laser in England.

Ambar Kelly Limited company located in Welwyn Garden City region of England; It produces scaffolding and equipment used especially in the construction industry.

With the NUKON brand Fiber Laser at the facility, 4kW max. the company can cut Black Sheet, Aluminum and Stainless steel up to 6 mm. wanted to supply the compressed air of the laser machine with IDEAL MAKINA’s idealLAir Dry Air Generator System.

BOGE German brand that Turkey Distributor of IDEAL machines with high-pressure compressor 40 barg. The system providing air to the laser table with compressed air provides clean and quality air separated from moisture, oil and particles in ISO 8573.1 norm with 55 Nm3 / hour.

As IDEAL MAKINA, we are proud to take part in this project; We are grateful to Ambar Kelly Limited Managers who trust their team and equipment.