10 April 2020

Pirge, The Master Of Knife Has Choosen Ideal Makina!

İsmail Usta, a Knife Master among the Turks who migrated from Anatolia to the Balkans after the Ottoman – Russian War (93 War) between 1877 and 1878, continues in Bursa today. PIRGE KNIVES keeping up production by Mehmet PIRGE, one of İsmail Usta’s grandchildren,  became the choice of famous chefs and culinary masters in soonest time

PIRGE, gave the decision to produce its knives in a more economical way with an IDEAL MAKINA NITROGEN GENERATOR SYSTEM.The company located in Bursa; reached us when they decided to stop purchasing liquid nitrogen gas, which had been consumed in their laser cutting process for many years and supplied with high prices from gas supplying companies.

With their 2 kW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, the facility is cutting mainly stainless steel. The decided IDEAL MAKINA NITROGEN GENERATOR SYSTEM will have a Nitrogen gas production capacity of 45Nm3 / hour  with 99,999% purity. With their own system; the company will be able to fill up 9 manifold per day; each consisting of 12 N2 Cylinders.

As to be known as the ‘Master Of Knife’ and being the sponsor of the with pleasure watched competition program MasterChef in Turkey; PIRGE will produce from now on its own Nitrogen gas with low energy consumed Nitrogen Generator System in a more economical way.

By expressing our gratitude to the company having an historical value; we are very happy to contribute to the production of PIRGE and thank to have preferred IDEAL MAKINA.