RS pumps have the same interaxis of ISO 5199 chemical norm pumps, this means easy interchangeability. Casing and impeller manufactured with investment casting technology. Large free passage clearance up to 50 mm due to the recessed impeller. Standard IEC motor (different brand available) with stub shaft design. Possibility to choose seal arrangement: single, bouble tandem, double back to back and packing gland.


HD pumps can handle chemical and crystalline suspensions, all viscous liquid, liquid with high concentrations of fibrous suspensions, every kind of sludge and municipal and industrial wastewater. They are also used in general industrial service, foodstuff industry, dissolved air flotation systems, waste water treatment plant, sugar industry, water/solvent recovery process, power stations, steel industry, textile and tannery.
  • Max. Kapasite: 100 m3/h
  • Max. Basma Yüksekliği: 60 mwc
  • Max. Basınç: 8 Bar
  • Max. Sıcaklık: 120°C


  • Standart: AISI 316L