Double-stage centrifugal pumps with peripheral impellers TS. Discharge sizes DN 25.


RAM pumps can handle clean liquids without solid parts in suspension. They are also used for boilers feeding, flotation plants in waste water treatment and whenever low capacity and high pressure are required.
  • Max. Kapasite: 6,3 m3/h
  • Max. Basma Yüksekliği: 180 mwc
  • Max. Basınç: 25 Bar
  • Max. Sıcaklık: 120°C


  • Standart: Gövde G250 Demir Dökümden yapılma, bronz çarklar, mil paslanmaz 420 SS’ten yapılma.
  • İstek Üzerine: Mil paslanmaz çelik ve özel rulmanda.