Centrifugal pumps with closed impeller according to EN 733 norms. Discharge sizes from DN 32 to DN 150.


RN pumps can handle clean and non-aggressive liquids for the pump materials (contents of solids up to 0,2% max). They are also used for non aggressive industrial liquids, water supply, heating, conditioning, cooling and circulation plants, civil and industrial applications, fire-fighting plants and irrigations.
  • Max. Kapasite: 480 m3/h
  • Max. Basma Yüksekliği: 90 mwc
  • Max. Basınç: 10 Bar
  • Max. Sıcaklık: 130°C


  • Standart: GJL200 Cost Iron / AISI 430 /AISI 316 Shaft / Cost Iron GJL200 / BRASS
  • İstek Üzerine: Paslanmaz 316 SS mili ile yukarıdaki gibi.