Multistage centrifugal pumps with closed impellers TS. Discharge sizes from DN 32 to DN 50. TS 31-32 range is only available with mechanical seal, TS 40-50 range is available both with mechanical seal and gland packing and cooling chambers are supplied as standard equipment.


TS pumps can handle clean or slightly contaminated liquids. They are also used for boilers feeding, fire fighting plants, autoclaves, water supply systems, irrigation, washing plants, to pump hydrocarbons and whenever high pressures are required.
  • Max. Kapasite: 45 m3/h
  • Max. Basma Yüksekliği: 300 mwc
  • Max. Basınç: 30 Bar
  • Max. Sıcaklık: 140°C


  • Standart: G250 Dökme demirden yapılma gövede ve çark. Paslanma 420 SS’den yapılma mil.
  • İstek Üzerine: Mil paslanmaz çelik ve özel rulman burçlarından oluşur.