The pump body is immersed into the liquid and the motor is mounted above the mounting plate out of the corrosive area. Oversize heavy duty ball bearings are supplied with grease fittings and located above the mounting plate out of the corrosive area. This means no bearing in the liquid, no seal or bearing bush and bearing assembly is sealed-off to prevent bearing’s contamination by liquids or gases-vapors. This allows the pump to run dry without risk of damage and so reliable operation and reduced costs. The possibility to customize mounting plate shape and dimensions, discharge flange position and column lenght, allows designers and end-users to match sump or tank plates or flanges. Suction strainer and suction extension on request with the possibility to fit a PTFE lip seal for vapor proof construction.


Cantilever pumps are used for sludges, slurries and liquids containing large or long solids. They are also used in drainage sumps, oily water sumps, tank transfer,food processing, ground water development and irrigation, heavy oil, oil sand and shale, paper stock, sewage collection and treatment, shower pumps, slurry processing and transfer.
  • from 1 to 400 m3/sa
  • (yatay seriler RC-RB için eğrilere bakınız)


  • Standart: Paslanmaz 316 – G250
  • İstek Üzerine: Özel malzemeler